Wingy Boxing, what or who is this?! Ok, Wingy is a YouTuber who is most certainly not within the late stages of his thirties at all. Known for dropping various bizarre, humorous(?) and odd Vlog-style YouTube videos online since 2010. Mostly covering Boxing but also Gaming and Food reviews

The Wingy Boxing YouTube channel is his second attempt at a Boxing channel, the first one was a little…uncultured. Savage if you will. Hence the creation of the second Boxing channel “Wingy Boxing” He drops videos on average several times a day. Boxing news, Boxing predictions and more. Aimed at Hardcore and Casual fans. ZERO Boxing snobbery here, come one come all.

Wingy has been invited on BBC Radio on two occasions, to discuss Amir Khan and Floyd Mayweather!

Wingy has  also teamed up with the biggest boxing channel on Youtube IFL TV and regularly interviews for them at live shows, or one on one sit downs with big names such as Amir Khan, Kell Brook, Eddie Hearn etc. Check out Wingy’s IFL TV interviews here! As well as interviewing for his own podcast Wingy’s Boxing Bytes here!

Questions and Answers

In an attempt to cover all bases and possible questions you may have about myself. I present a Q&A Fresh as of 28th June 2016! Let’s do this…

Who are you?

Known by most people as Wingy. Daniel when the situation is official or more formal. Dan by friends. Cee-Lo green by others.

You are into Boxing but you are fat, why?

Portion sizes, always the damn portion sizes. Just have the Quarter crispy duck Dan mate, not the half! Just have the Quarter, but nooo has to be the half. Plum sauce? Oh, two pots please!! See. I have Shreddies for breakfast though, which come from the ground, so are healthy.

How did you get into Boxing?

My era and interest surrounding Boxing began around the Prince Nas, Bruno era. Prince Naseem Hamed, is my personal favourite Boxer of all time. Nas was and still is, the main man! No one will tell me different!!! This of course, was when Boxing was free on ITV! When the family all sat round together and enjoyed it. Before the Internet, before the mobile phone. Before boobs. I would have been 13-14 years old. The glory years. I was a gamer primarily before this (I still am by the way). Back then as a young teenager, once I grew out of wrestling which I was also into, I wanted to see real blood, I turned to Boxing and have never looked back.

I watched more and more Boxing, started staying up late to watch the overseas events. Became a hardcore Mike Tyson fan. Then as time went on I started to buy the Boxing Magazines, ordered VHS cassettes with fights on. Until today, as I stand here before you, bald, beardy and completely clueless about Boxing!

Have you ever Boxed?

 I have never Boxed professionally or amateur. Don’t want my nose to hurt when someone hits it see. Rumours that i train to Box at a local Gym I cannot confirm, I believe the gentleman they saw was Ricky Ross the boss, twas not me…

I have trained in three Martial arts over the period of about five years when I was on the doors though. Aikido, Krav Maga and of course Wing Chun. I’m too old and flabby to fight now, I would fight someone over a Turkey Subway however.

Why did you become a YouTuber?

Because I didn’t have a girlfriend at the time and wanted attention? Not sure, really. LOL. I do remember coming across a Youtuber called The Boxing Historian, a great dude. Just a Scottish guy talking about an Amir Khan fight online when I was first exploring Youtube. I was convinced I could have a crack at that. So, I sat in front of a camera, with a huge embarrassing page of notes and now look what’s happened! A complete and utter NIGHTMARE!!!

Leave any questions in the comments section below, will do my best to answer them on this very page

(with your name added!)


2 thoughts on “ABOUT WINGY BOXING
  1. Alex thomas

    Love you channel would like to work with you because I think what you offer knowledge wise it brilliant and I think you have a good fan base but they want to see more videos ??

    Regular on your videos.

    Love kebab awards

    1. Wingy

      Would love to do more videos but I barely have enough time to do the amount of videos I already do sadly! lol Life too busy. Thanks for the support.


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