It’s been fun people!

Hi all, massive huge thanks to all those who have supported Wingy Boxing over the many years I’ve been doing it. Over the course of three channels. It’s been a ride.

Unfortunately the ride is over. I had to do what any man would do, and that’s protect my family. Which is no longer possible to do being involved in the online boxing community.

After certain events transpired, and yes after enjoying the initial exposure I brushed things off and moved on. Confident in the fact that my family would not see said abusive content.

Sadly the primary initiator of all this contacted my family member with extremely offensive, hurtful messages. That’s where the fun stops. We are considering going forward via the appropriate authorities, so i’m limited on what I can say currently.

Upon reflection I come to the conclusion the easiest way to protect my family is to withdrawn from all online youtube Boxing activities. Attack me, I can take it, if I can protect my family from seeing certain things, ok.

However if due to frustration over not getting a response, my family members are then personally contacted and attacked via messages by the person in question? That’s when i’m out. Wingy Boxing, and all online media associated with it are gone, for good.

When the hosting fee comes up for renewal, this website will be gone also. For now I can be contacted via email at wingy@wingyboxing.com

Family comes first, and I want to again thank you all for the support. I had a wild ride, and i’ll never forget each one of you that showed me love. I won’t ever forget it.

I will still be doing the occasional show for IFL TV in between work, and looking after my two kids etc however, the ride is over people. Mega, massive love…thank you so much

See you on the flip


Feb 11th 2019