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Those who follow my stuff know how almost obsessed I am with scoring fights. The delicate art of which, is one that is under appreciated and often incorrectly applied. I score punches that land clean, not aggression with no shots; not sympathy rounds. Neither do I score a fight based on who is, or isn’t champion. I score on punches that land clean, in the case of two clean punches, which one looked the more effective?

I also score the entire round, not just portions I remember. A very common issue that contributes to incorrect score cards. The cries of robbery, and really shocking scoring from those who aren’t even truly applying themselves to it, has not only contributed to my hair loss and greying beard, but also my weight gain as well.

In an effort to eliminate sh*t scoring, something I’ve been passionate about since my time on Youtube I present openly my score cards for every fight I score that doesn’t end early. I believe how I score is correct, accurate and to be honest on point.

I’ve had to be on point, because unlike the average fan who scores, I deliver my score cards publicly via my youtube videos. This very quickly contributed to me sharpening my game up. Learning from Boxers, those more knowledgeable and eventually my own study, of what to look for, what to score, and how to apply that system. Most of the time my scores mirror the judges, who actually get it right, way more times then they get it wrong – judges score every fight wrong, is a myth. We simply notice bad cards when it does occasionally happen, because most of the time, they get it right – it’s their job.

No one’s score cards are perfect, hence a few rounds either way is never really argued by myself in most fights, but we have to get a grip on calling fights robberies, if they are merely close. My score cards on this page, should demonstrate what I look for, how I score and what I believe strongly, to be the correct method. Punches that land cleanly.

No one can be 100% accurate when scoring including myself, but you can be rest assured, if I’ve posted a scorecard on this page, it’s a fight that has most of the time has been watched with direct scoring in mind (and I wasn’t totally sloshed when watching it) Also, PUBLIC scorecards encourage from myself even more attentive consumption of fights, due to the savage nature of the scrutiny from yourselves! Feel free to comment debate and discuss!

Please read my 2013 piece on scoring The eight reasons why some boxing fans and judges can’t score fights correctly


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